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Maldives: Turning Waste to Wealth, Empowering Youth

In the heart of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives archipelago, renowned for its pristine beaches and vibrant marine life, is taking bold steps towards a sustainable future. Faced with the challenges of waste management and environmental conservation, this island nation is pioneering innovative solutions while empowering its youth to lead the way. With a pressing...
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Exploring Zanzibar’s Underwater Marvels

In the heart of the Indian Ocean lies a gem waiting to be discovered – Zanzibar, an archipelago renowned for its pristine beaches and rich cultural tapestry. However, beyond its sandy shores, a hidden world of wonders awaits beneath the waves. Zanzibar’s marine landscape is adorned with vibrant living reefs, creating an underwater paradise for...
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Table Mountain Secures Prestigious Third Place Among the World’s Most Beloved Peaks

Cape Town’s majestic Table Mountain has recently clinched the impressive title of the third most popular mountain globally, solidifying its status as an iconic natural wonder. Towering proudly at an elevation of 1,086 meters above the cityscape, its distinctive flat-topped summit has become synonymous with awe-inspiring beauty and adventure. Drawing in adventurers, nature enthusiasts, and...
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Blue Whales Return ‘Home,’ Drawing Tourists to Seychelles

In a remarkable turn of events, blue whales are making a triumphant return to their ancestral feeding grounds, decades after being decimated by whaling activities. This resurgence has not only sparked hope for marine conservation but has also caught the attention of eco-tourists seeking to witness this extraordinary phenomenon firsthand. The Seychelles, renowned for its...
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Mauritius COVID-19 Update

  It’s already been over a year since the declaration of a global pandemic that brought a heightened appreciation of the “freedom” that we always took for granted. With the number of new infections still quite significant, Mauritian authorities have extended the lockdown till 30 April, even if certain essential services are allowed to operate....
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