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“I am not the same having seen

the moon shine on the

other side of the world.”




It’s A Unique Culture

Zanzibar is home to glorious beaches, pristine waters and delicious island food. If you are looking for an escape on the island oasis where you can wine, dine and relax in complete luxury then Zanzibar is perfect for you.

Zanzibar’s allure is legendary. One of East Africa’s great trading centres, the archipelago has been for centuries a crossroads of culture, a melting pot of influences where Africa, India and Arabia meet, a complete change of pace from the mainland, a place where life’s rhythms are set by the monsoon winds and the cycles of the moon.The spice island of Zanzibar is a fascinating and beautiful world of its own.



Discover Stone Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site, while wandering its narrow streets and losing yourself in the buzz of the markets. Delight your senses on a guided spice tour, learning about the island’s cloves, black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, vanilla and lemongrass. Zanzibar’s beaches are world-renowned, so enjoy the idyllic white sand, turquoise water and unforgettable sunsets.

Fascinating cultural diversity where you can see faces from all over the world. Indeed, the rich cultural diversity of the people has become the island’s pride: it’s Indian, Chinese, Creole, African, European and Malagasy populations live together in perfect harmony, respecting one another’s traditions and remaining true to their own.

Pange Sandbank

This sandbank is situated 20 min via boat from Stone Town. It is ideal for activities such as snorkeling as there is a vast range of coral fish and tropical fish. This is the perfect getaway setting, far away from the bustling of the busy city, alongside the calm crystal blue waters.

Dinner at Forodhani

This is a nocturnal food market that starts in the late afternoon in stone town. It is said no trip to Zanzibar is complete unless you have experienced the vibe at the market. It takes place opposite the House of Wonders and at this market you will find freshly grilled fish, meat and vegetables. The seafood options are endless and they are accompanied by fried potato balls, naan bread and samosas.

Snorkeling at Mnemba Atoll

This area was recently declared a marine conservation area, which consists of a coral atoll that is surrounded by reefs that are alive with an unbelievable amount of fish and marine creatures. Here you will see the like of species such as the whale shark, green turtles, pelagic creatures and the rather rare nudibranchs. Where better to see all these creatures and more than in their natural setting?

Misali Island

This island is 17km from Chake Chake and is one of Pemba’s highlights. It offers superb snorkeling and diving as well as nature trails and beautiful beaches. Around this island there are over 42 types of coral, 300 species of fish, flying foxes and a rare type of vervet monkies. There is a historic rumour that this is where Captain Kidd buried his treasure.

Ngezi Forest

This forest is a reserve that is located in the northwest part of Pemba. It is the only large section of forest remaining in Pemba. This forest used to cover the entire island spanning around 30 square km. The forest is home to many endangered species. The forest is reached via a road from Konde. One of the best ways to view the forest is by bicycle. The forest ends and opens onto an untouched beach and is well worth a visit.

Swim with the dolphins

Kizimkazi is situated in the North, about an hour from stone town. In these waters there is a 90% chance that you will see both bottlenose dolphins and humpback dolphins. Trips like this afford you the opportunity to swim with dolphins as long as they stay neat to the boat. Some trips include time in a snorkeling area and lunch.


There are constantly events and festival that occur annually around Zanzibar. They all feature local food, local dancing and music. These are ideal if you wish to experience cultural diversity. The locals are welcoming and more than happy to celebrate these events with visitors.

What time of the year is best to go?

The great thing about Zanzibar is that one could travel there the whole year round and expect sunny and warm weather throughout the year. People sometimes mention a rainy season between March and May, and while it does rain, it is not a true rainy season. You’ll occasionally get full days of overcast weather during this time but it is a rarity and the showers usually occur overnight and in the early hours of the morning, with the clouds clearing in the afternoon.

The temperature and humidity reaches its peak from February to mid April with temperatures up to 35 degrees celsius and humidity reaching 85% which ideally makes it favourable to tan under the blazing sun or rather perfect for a cool swim in the swimming pool or Lucious ocean!