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1. What is a bus timetable?
A bus timetable is a schedule setting out information to assist passengers with planning a trip. The schedule consists information, such as, the times that the bus will departure and the arrival time from specified locations, the dates and the names of the bus stop. It is ussually provided in printed form at the bus stop, but it is often available in a variety of electronic formats. A bus timetable is printed in a column format.
2. What should you know about using bus transportation?
When you start to plan your journey, you first have to get a bus route map to get all the information you need to book a ticket. Make sure that you get a ticket and slip once you have paid. Always arrive at the bus stop a few minutes prior to your arrival. When you arrive at your bus stop, make sure that you are at the right bus. If the bus arrives with passengers, wait for the passengers to get off before you get on, hand your bus ticket in and enjoy your ride.
3. Looking for a bus timetable?
If you are looking for a bus timetable, visit Traveline to find your timetable, or for live times or to start planning your journey. Contact Traveline today for more information.